Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra

The Chromecast has been a flexible device and speaks volumes. There are many positive reviews from the users and is on the “must buy” list for many. The Chromecast is compact and portable and packs quite a punch. Now with the release of the Chromecast Ultra, Find some attractive features of Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra here.

Chromecast Streaming Device

Attractive features of Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra:

  • Use your phone and the Chromecast device together and turn it into the best headphones adapter.
    • Listen to the audio for the streaming video through your phone.
    • It can be ideal to opt for this to listen to the video you want in your desired volume and not disturb others.
  • Convert your house into Google home devices using the voice control Chromecast streaming features.
    • Sync your Chromecast device to the Google home devices and give voice commands to control your Chromecast streaming.
  • Stream your VR games using the Chromecast which is available through Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR.
    • Stream the Game on to your TV and see how your friends tackle the zombie hordes.
  • Increase the video quality using the Ethernet cable. Connect your Chromecast directly to the internet devices and enjoy UHD contents and 4K contents with the best quality.
    • When you connect it on a wireless network, due to some interference it may result in video buffering.
    • To avoid that you can connect the device directly using the Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on the Guest mode and make anyone who is located within around 25-feet from the device cast any content.
    • Want to see that video your guest wanted to show you. Ask your guest to cast it to your TV without connecting it to the Wi-Fi.
    • They can cast the video using the Chromecast when the guest mode is on.
  • Use the Chromecast and enjoy the presentations you have prepared on the TV screen.
    • Do you want to have a rehearsal of your presentation? Turn your TV into a presentation screen using the Chromecast.

Specifications for Chromecast:

Find the specifications of Chromecast below

  • The Chromecast is a tiny dongle that costs around $35.
  • The device helps in streaming media to any device you connect it to.
  • It can handle up to HD quality content.
  • You can connect the dongle directly to the TV and power it on
  • Or you can opt for external power cable which you can connect to a wall mount power adapter.
  • You can also use the combined power and Ethernet adapter.
  • In case you don’t want to use Wi-Fi, you can choose this adapter.
  • The Chromecast uses the Marvell Armada 1500 mini plus processor.
  • It comes with a 512 MB RAM and 256 MB of internal storage
  • It has Wi-Fi, Ethernet and HDMI capabilities.
  • The USB or Micro USB powers the device through a power outlet.

Specifications for Chromecast Ultra:

Find the specifications for Chromecast Ultra below

  • Ever since Chromecast Ultra’s release was announced on October, there are great anticipations surrounding it.
  • There is not much difference with the way it looks from the Chromecast.
  • It is a tiny dongle which you can connect to TV or other media to stream the media content.
  • With the help of Ethernet cable or using wireless network streams contents from the internet.
  • You can control the Chromecast Ultra using the App or using the web browser.
  • The playback quality is one feature that Chromecast Ultra overtakes the Chromecast.
  • Standard Chromecast can stream up to HD quality. Whereas the Chromecast Ultra can stream up to UHD and HDR playback capability.
  • The Chromecast Ultra can load videos 1.8 times faster than its previous models.
  • In terms of content, both the devices will access the same content sources as its predecessors.

In case you do not have a 4K TV or a TV that does not support HDR, then you can very much choose the Chromecast. If your TV does not have the UHD content capability, then you need not choose the Chromecast Ultra. At around $30 to $35 with many discounts, the Chromecast is a good choice for occasional use.

It is only the quality of the content that varies when you use the Chromecast Ultra. For around $60 to $69 Chromecast it becomes a larger investment. This makes it uncompetitive among other streaming devices like Roku or Amazon fire stick.

But if you have a 4K TV that supports HDR then Chromecast Ultra is the best choice. It is more powerful and provides better video quality.

Troubleshooting Chromecast issues:

You might not encounter many issues when using the devices. but sometimes when you activate the devices you might come across very minor issues.  You can troubleshoot google Chromecast issues with very simple steps given on our website.

No matter which device you choose, you have a great choice of movies and TV shows to enjoy.

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