Google is currently coming up with a subscription-based streaming game service. Either it can couple with Chromecast or can just act as a standalone console. Users can access video streaming games through Google gaming consoles.


Google’s new gaming service codename, called as “Yeti”. And this means Google might soon be streaming game service for Chromecast. This might work similar to Sony’s video game streaming service on PlayStation Now. Users will be able to stream games from cloud servers through their gaming consoles. The gamers can stream games through the internet and the users need to install the games on their gaming console.

Google is under the production of Yeti for two years from now. The gaming service has been through several stage and changes. One such iteration version worked with Chromecast. Prior to this Google gaming service Yeti, they had multiple projects like the Android-based gaming console and much more.

Streaming Game Service For Chromecast

Gaming consoles

The early version of the gaming service was initially built for Chromecast media streaming device. But currently, Google has come up with plans for creating their own gaming console and controllers. In case Google takes up building their own console they do not directly compete with their pioneers like PS4 and X-Box games. Rather, they need to be more efficient for gaming through the internet. It is beyond assumption whether Google gets different from the current Android games and provides exclusive games to the gaming service or else just goes similar to other Android games.

How is game streaming different from video streaming

There are few similar gaming projects that have been crashed in the history of live gaming. This gaming project is not similar to the Video streaming services. While streaming a video the users only offer very few consequent input. Rather in case of the gaming services the user often needs to give several commands in consequent minutes. Here a single delay spike or freezing or buffer can ruin the entire gaming experiences. That would be the reason why Google takes lot of time in launch the gaming services. Google definitely is working hard on Streaming live games and they work on know-how strategy. Also, they are establishing infrastructure as a workspace for the game streaming platform.

Google “Yeti” coming soon

There were reports earlier that Google might soon be streaming game service for Chromecast and the service would be live by the holiday seasons. But later there was a delay in the project launch. Since Google’s I/O is just months away, “Yeti” the game streaming service launch might be before the end of the year.

As per the reports on this gaming services, users will not be able to download their games to their hard drive instead the users need to stream the game directly from a Google server. Google Streaming game service do not mix up with the existing game subscription offers from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and other. The existing game subscription allows the users to download unlimited games from the pool of titles that worth the subscription amount paid monthly.

In the Gamers Point of view

We are yet to know whether Google would concentrate chiefly on streaming Android games to the user’s television since this type of streaming games look similar to playing Android games using casting or mirroring technology on a big screen. Or Google might soon be streaming game service for Chromecast similar to the usual mobile-quality games played from the device directly. The Amazon’s Fire TV and Apple TV use this method and they have built a good platform for these TV-centric games already. So Google streaming game service “Yeti” can take up more concerns on gaming audience views like low-cost, low-effort streaming and gaming solution, rather than focusing on the same Android TV-centric gaming services.

Google have Android, Chromecast, and YouTube by its side. And they are all extremely popular for their low cost and easily accessible platforms for gaming. YouTube is already admired for its pre-recorded gaming videos. Hence they provide a growing platform for the trending Twitch-style live-streaming too. The wizard of the gaming industry “Phil Harrison” is now with Google. This is the most interesting recent report concerned with Google streaming game service. These reports clearly conclude that Google might soon be streaming game service for Chromecast. Or else they may launch a standalone gaming console very soon.

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