Troubleshoot Google Chromecast Issues

Google Chromecast is an emerging streaming player device that provides simple and quick means to stream video content to the television set. It grants users easy access to multiple streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Google Play. The user can even screen content from their Chrome browser through the big screen. Some tips for troubleshooting Google Chromecast issues

Troubleshoot Google Chromecast Issues

Chromecast does not appear

  • At times the Google Chromecast stick does not seem to appear in the device list, which displays all the other connected devices.
  • This issue is mainly because the TV and the Google Chromecast device may not be connected to the same network.
  • The user can easily solve this issue by updating the Chromecast network.
  • The easiest means to update the Chromecast network is to reset it and restart the setup procedures.
  • To reset the Google Chromecast stick, the user can just hold the reset button for few seconds or until the white power indicator turns red.

The device display is unable to cast the video

  • If the device says it is not able to cast the video content on regular basis then the user needs to ensure the following conditions:
    • Make sure you connect the Chromecast to the same wireless network as your TV
    • Verify if the wireless connection provided to the streaming stick strong enough.
    • Check if the broadband speed is not less than 2Mbps.
    • If the issue persists then the user can try restarting the Chromecast stick.
  • The user can unplug and plug the streaming device to check that the issues are resolved.
  • The user can reset the Chromecast stick to Troubleshoot Google Chromecast issues by just holding the reset button for few seconds.

HD streams are unavailable

Many Chromecast users usually face this issue where Chromecast is unable to stream HD videos.

At the time, the user can check the broadband connection connected to the streaming device. To stream HD videos through the Google Chromecast device the users should ensure that their broadband speed to be not less than 5 Mbps. The user needs reliable and fast internet connections to play HD streams.

How to avoid buffering

Usually the buffering starts only when user’s internet connection suddenly goes down. When the internet connection speed changes unexpectedly or slows down then it initiates buffering. The user can decrease the playback quality to avoid these.

Chromecast on Android 4.0 devices

At times there are issues with Chromecast while using it on some Android 4.0 devices. For example, the user will not be able to stream content from blinkbox through Chromecast while using Android versions like 4.0.3 or 4.0.4. To fix this issue user can try following the below tips:

  • Updating the device operating system to a higher version such as Android Lollipop 5.0.
  • Using a different device to open Chromecast such as using Google Chrome on Mac, Windows PC, iPad or another Android device.

Getting audio but no video

Sometimes users can hear the audio but are unable to see the videos. The reason for the issue is mostly an incompatible audio or video format. The user can just upload the preferred video to the RealPlayer Cloud and then can stream the content without any further issues.

Tips to Troubleshoot general issues

For any further troubleshoot Chromecast issues the user can stick with the below steps.

  • Ensure that the operating system of the mobile device is up-to-date.
  • Download and install a recent version of RealPlayer Cloud app.
  • Ensure to install the Google Cast extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • The user can also use the Google Chrome web browser to install Google Cast extension.
  • Users need to connect the Google Chromecast streaming device and the device to the same wireless network.
  • And also set the router or the modem casting settings to multicast.
  • When a large number of devices get connected to the same network it may crash the performance of Chromecast.

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