Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is all about Data Collection, Data transfer and securing the Data. Agree the Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy before you accept any Of the Services available on our website

Our Vision

Chrome cast, well known for the excellent Streaming experience is focused to assist the Customers. Reach our team of experts to resolve all your Queries and to gather more Information about Chrome cast.

Data Collection

We gather Information from Our Customers and Secure the Data for the process of Account Creation, Activating the Device, Sign up Process, Service request and a few more

  1. Users provide the required Information and Include Name, Email Address, Age, Phone numbers, Birth date,
  2. Demographic Information and Internet Protocol address
  3. In addition, Access time, Browser data, Home or Email Address

Besides, Our website, Disclose the Information Only with the Consent of the Users

Purpose of Collecting the Information

The Data You Provide is used to analyze and improve the features of our Service, to safeguard our website and its Contents, to protect the Integrity and the Security Of our services, Internal Research

  • To verify the identity of the users
  • Similarly, To Trouble shoot and Resolve Errors associated with our service

Information Security

We cannot guarantee the security of all the Information which you share with Us

Payment Process

Not to mention, Payment Process is essential to activate the Device. The Information will be secure and no third-party Organizations or external organizations can access it


Additionally, you can make use of Cookies to recollect any Information and to analyze the website traffic


In the event that you find any threat Or Mis use, necessary steps are available to overcome or prevent the Loss of Data

Error Reports

Error Reports, the Best ways to analyze and diagnose any Error


On the Positive side, we always aim to reach the maximum standard of Ethics and offer the required Information to the Customers

Make a note that our website has the Rights to change or modify the Privacy Policy any time and the Changes will be visible on our website

User Responsibility

Above all, it is the responsibility of all the users to keep their account Information Secure and our website is not responsible for any Loss or Misuse of Data

In addition, to know more about the Privacy Policy, you can either Visit our website; Dial the toll free number provided

Further more; our teams of experts are available to assist you 24/7 and to provide you more Information