Easy Ways To Stream VLC Player on Chromecast

It is common to use the popular VLC Player to watch media files on the computer or your Android phone. If you are already using it as your default player, you will know that it does not support Chromecast either on the Android or on the PC. Now, if you still want to stream VLC Player to Chromecast, do these things:

From PC

There are two things that you can use to stream files from the VLC to the Chromecast – the Chrome VLC Plugin and Google’s Cast extension. The Chrome browser version 42 requires some adjustments though.

  • Install Google Chrome on to your PC
  • Add the Google Cast extension to it
  • Sync the Chromecast with your PC
  • Open the media file you want to stream through the VLC player
  • Open a new tab on your Chrome browser
  • Use Google Cast and click on Cast screen/window (experimental)
  • The entire desktop will now be streamed through the Chromecast
  • Go to the VLC Player and select the Fullscreen mode to view your media

From the Android

Currently VLC Player for Android does not come with a Chromecast support. But if you really have to use VLC Player on your Android, here’s how:

  • First, on your Android, install the Chromecast app
  • Now, pair your Chromecast with it
  • Open VLC Player and start the file you want to cast
  • On the Chromecast app, tap the Menu button
  • Click on Cast screen/audio
  • To cast your device’s screen to your Chromecast, just follow the on-screen instructions
  • Click the Fullscreen mode on your VLC Player and you will be able to view your preferred media

Make your Chromecast Installation Hassle-free

stream VLC Player to Chromecast

Google Chromecast seldom troubles its users. The experience is more often, smooth and long-lasting. But when there are some minor breakdowns, you would rather resolve it immediately to continue streaming flawlessly. We have outlined some really simple tricks and fixes that you can apply to your Chromecast.

Note: For the benefit of our readers, most of these tips pertain to the streaming player hardware and can be applied to almost any streaming device with a similar setup.

Chromecast restarts suddenly

It is not unusual for your Chromecast’s video output to buffer. But if there is blacking out and the device restarts altogether then it could be stuck in a loop. To troubleshoot:

Power Supply

Endless reboot loops are generally due to the poor quality of power supply. It would be best to check if the power supplied is adequate. Do not use the USB service port on your HDTV as a source of power. The HDTV cuts the power off to the USB when it is off. Avoid improper usage and plug it directly into a wall outlet. If the spontaneous restarting and blacking out still doesn’t stop, then you may have to replace the charger and the USB cord.

The infamous Factory Reset

Permanent reboot loops can be resolved easily by unplugging the power supply. There could also be a problem with the outdated firmware.  Plug the device back in to update the firmware to remove the corrupted data. Thereafter, perform a hard or soft reset to refresh the device. If the device is still non-functional, then it is best to replace it.

Excessive video buffering

This is definitely a less serious failure. If your video faces temporary blackouts then it can be an obstacle to smooth viewing enjoyment. The poor Wi-Fi signal is one of the predominant causes of buffering.

Wi-Fi Signal strength

Check the strength of the signal to the Chromecast. Check Chromecast’s splash screen. Look for a tiny rotating text that is displayed on the lower lefthand corner. Check the signal strength indicator next to the Wi-Fi network name. If the 4-bars representation is not displayed then, check the strength of the signal on another device such as your Android or PC (if they are on the same network). If the other devices have a strong signal and Chromecast doesn’t, then the position could be faulty. Get the streaming player away from the TV. Use a small HDMI extender to protect it from hearing damage. Next, boost your Wi-Fi signal to the player, move it closer to the router.

Improve your local tab casting

One of the best features of Chromecast is that it can cast pretty much anything from your Chrome web browser into the streaming player. This might not always be a smooth experience. To troubleshoot this you might have to alter the options on your Chrome extension and adjust the quality of your video.

  • Open your Google Chrome browser
  • Right-click on the Chromecast extension
  • Go to Tab Casting Quality and adjust the resolution

Coming soon…

Games are getting larger and cloud gaming services are fast gaining traction. While other competitors have already launched their streaming games services directly from the cloud, Google’s Chromecast is all set to catch up soon. The Chromecast gaming service under the name Yeti is under development and will hit the extremely competitive gaming market, shortly. Google is using an extensive cloud network that will help power the platform. Currently, the giant is concentrating on a specialist gamer-oriented interface while improving performance.

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