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Rights to Change the Terms and Condition

Our website chromecast.com/setup has the right to Change the Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy if required.

Besides, Any Changes will be notified to the Users via Email Or with the help of Other Communication Services that are available

Payment Information

We collect the payment Information from the users. A valid Credit card is essential to Process any payment, or cancel any Transaction

User responsibility

  • It is the responsibility of all Users to Maintain and secure the account Information.
  • In addition, keep the Credentials Safe and Secure and Do not share the Information
  • Also, Ensure that the Credit card information you Provide is Valid and Up to date
  • Users are responsible for the Cost  of the Internet Usage
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Copy Rights

Do not to Copy, Transfer, and Modify or Download, Publish; Reproduce the Contents that are available on our website.

We follow the Rules and Regulations of Copy Rights to ensure the Safety of the all the information that is available and also the data we Collect from our Customers

Our website follows necessary steps to prevent the Copy Rights, Misuse of any Data or Information

Rights to Cancel any Service

  • You have the Rights to Cancel the service any time, , Deactivate your account.
  • Our teams of experts are available to assist you and guide you Further. Excellent assistance is provided to resolve all your Issues
  • Make a note that We will not  extend any service if you do not provide the valid credit card Information
  • You can retain the Service with the help of our Team of Experts

Privacy Policy

We follow the privacy Policies to collect, store, use, Transfer the Data or Information provided by the Customers. Users can follow the Privacy Policy and accept it to proceed with the usage of any service

Eligibility Access

To access any Service available on our website, Users can create an Account first and then share the Information with Our website authorities.

  • Notify us if you are unable to access your account, or you come across any Errors associated with it
  • In addition, Secure your Account to Experience a good quality Service
  • Use a valid Credential to access your account


In the Event of any Misuse, Misinterpretation of any Person or service, strict laws, Legal Penalties are available to Over Come these Actions

Third party services

Not to Mention, We are not liable for the Services associated with the third party organizations. Users are accountable for any Threat or Misuse associated with it

Money Back or return Policies

In case there are any money back Policies introduced and you can make use of it in the event that you cancel any of the services

Ensure you provide a valid Credit card Or Payment information. Credit cards and PayPal are the widely accepted payment Methods that are available

To Submit your Plan Order and   Service plans

Best Options like Email is available to submit your   Plan Orders and the Service Plans. In addition, you can also reach us with the help of toll-free lines that are available on our website.

Our team is available to assist you 24/7

Further Information On the terms and Condition, Privacy Policy is available on our website. It is equally important to Read and accept it before you proceed to access any Of Our services